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The Bookbaybz are four romance writers who live in the Northern Suburbs of Brisbane and get together regularly to discuss their writing and support each other. To read more about us click the button

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Thanks for visiting. Let the BookBayZ sweep you away with their own eclectic and distinctive style of romance.Click the ‘Readers Lounge’ button and let your imagination escape to a world where the everyday is forgotten in a world of sweet, contemporary, sexy, sizzling and historical stories.We love to hear from readers. If you like one of our books, go on Amazon or Goodreads and leave a review..
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The Bookbaybz Readers Lounge is the space we have created just for readers. The Readers Lounge offers opportunities to  talk to other readers, check out books you might like and participate in reader events such as Houseparties.

The Bookbaybz run physical events such as writers retreats and virtual events such as house parties for readers and writers. Click the button below to check out our calendar of upcoming events.

The Bookbaybz have some joint writing projects as well as portfolios of our own work. Projects include an Anthology of Short stories and a collection of four linked novellas. Click the button below to view our books.